Individually made snooker glasses and shooting glasses to suit your eyes.

Our glasses can be adapted for other sports including ten pin bowling, billiards, indoor or outdoor bowls and curling.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Contact us to order or for further information on our shooting specs or snooker specs.Top quality snooker specs / glassesTop quality shooting specs / glasses

We offer a top quality spectacle frame specially glazed to your sporting needs, ideal for all cue sports.


A generously sized 53mm wide by 56mm deep lens is available with light-weight plastic lenses, supplied with an anti-reflection to remove those annoying ‘ghost’ images.

You need to provide a recent distance vision Rx., along with your interpupillary distance measurement (distance between the centres of your eyes), both of which can be obtained from your own Optometrist/Optician.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We will pre-adjust your Snooker Glasses prior to despatch, but should they need any final fitting, please visit your own Optometrist/Optician.

 Snooker Glasses cost £89.95 complete, including delivery for powers in the range +or- 4.00Ds/+2.00Dc.

 For higher powers quotations are available on request.